Our Products

We have a range of products, which are developed in our development center in collaboration with our partner companies and independently. Our product development team has par excellence in handling the most sensitive product design and development as well as delivering them on time.

We Supply Smart Technology, made by Smart Professionals, many of our customers are major & global name in verticals we deal with.

PLC/Safety Control Systems

  • SSPL provides Technical solutions to customer requirement using PLC / Safety control system. We have worked on ESD, BMS, FGS systems to Safety PLC’s of SIL3 certified under IEC61511 for applications like Machine Automation, ASH handling system, Coal handling application, Military application, Oil & Gas sector and many more..

HMI & SCADA Systems

  • SSPL develops HMI & SCADA Screens for both Monitoring & Controlling plant in various applications of Industrial automation.
  • We deal with Chemical, Food & Pharma, Solar power, Metal & Mines, Oil & Gas, Energy management system and many more

Electrical Panels/Control Panels and various field instruments.

  • SSPL manufactures Engineered Electrical & Control Panels such as PDB Panels, MCC Panels, PCC & AMF Panels, Flame Proof Panels and many more

Data Analysis & Reporting Tools

SSPL also supports its customers for Data Acquisition & Reporting by using various reporting tools as per customer requirement. SSPL has its own software called STELSYS HISTORY TALK developed for Data Acquisition & Reporting.

Special Products

Reverse Power Flow monitor & control unit in Solar Application

  • The Reverse Power sensing Module unit is wall mountable chassis with respective interface flexibilities to the field. If excess power is generated from Inverters with respect to connected load then this will be considered as a Reverse power flow.
  • RPFMC Unit Highlights:

    • Commercially know as ‘ Fuel Saver ‘ in the market.
    • A central controller which acts as the interface between the solar plant and your diesel generator regulates the solar power to ensure the efficient operation of the diesel generator.
    • Detects the reverse power flow to Grid or DG and prevents the same.
  • Using RPFMC unit with solar inverters provides an economical viable solution for many factories, farms and other businesses where grid power is unstable and standby generators are relied on for power.


  • History Talk helps our customers to generate Excel and PDF reports from Microsoft SQL Server. You need to connect the application to Microsoft SQL Server and Set the Report from configuration window of History Talk.
  • This application supports two types of Report Creation:

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